MTU IPS Bypass


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Bypass IPS with packet fragmentation

This is funny project for bypass IPSs with packet fragmentation.

Packet Fragmentation

Why DNS over HTTPS ?

In some countries, Internet ISPs try to use DNS Spoofing techniques to prevent access to websites that are hosted jointly and they can`t block their IP address. That's why we try to get the actual destination address by getting through the DNS over HTTPS first and then our traffic forwarded through IPSs with Packet Fragmentation.

Supported Linux Distro:

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Kali Linux 2019.2
Debian 9

How to use

First set permission on script file to be executable:

$ chmod +x

then use help:

$ ./ --help
--help , -h , help For show help of shell script
install , --install For installing tools and configure network
ghost , --ghost same function as "install"
uninstall , --unistall For uninstall DNS over HTTPS software
recovery , --recovery For recovery network setting to original setting